My violin is my inspirer and my driving force when I am making music.
After winning an important National Violin Competition I was allowed to play on a beautiful Stradivarius from 1716. The violin makes a perfect match with my Sartory-bow. It's like a happy marriage between the three of us. Thanks to the Dutch National Music Instrument Foundation I can play every day on this great instrument and show it's beauty to my audience.
While playing music on this instrument, I listen to the sound it's producing. It inspires me. There is something magic about it. I can describe it as eating silky, pure quality transparant honey from a fine cut, christal glass.


''I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else’’ Pablo Picasso
Playing the violin has been part of my life since I was six years old. I can’t imagine a life without my instrument.
Practising my skills over and over, I was more and more able to express myself; the violin became my voice, the expression of my feelings and thoughts.
By playing the music of genius classical composters, I passed through a huge variety of emotions, with sometimes the experience of this glimpse of an otherworldly beauty.
Now it feels like the right moment to express the music in my own way to get closer to my inner self and my dreams.
Within art, there are infinitive possibilities to create dreams, to come closer to our longings, feelings and passions.
I am a violinist and don't pretend to be a filmer, designer, poet or stage-director. I just need to create and use everything what is within my fingertips and possibilities to tell my story.
Intuition is the guidance in my life. Intuition is the guidance in my work.
Let your intuition speak and let's share my dreams with you


Contradiction makes art
I truly believe that working under a pseudonym, gives more artistic freedom. I'm a violinist, a mom, a wife, a person with good and bad days, but when I am Black Blossom, I am the creator of the art I want to present.
The name expresses a contradiction. Our life with its art consists of contradictions. The more opposites one can feel, the stronger the experience of life. Opposites attract or reject each other, are constantly on the move. Contradiction makes art.




Woensdag 1 januari 2031, 13:00 - Maandag 30 november -1, 00:00


In this one-woman-show Black Blossoms is taking you along to a inner journey about the reality of dreams and the unreality of daily life.
Let yourself be carried away by this total experience in which the classical music,  in a penetrating manner, will be transferred, in combination with movie footage, electronics, poetry and theater.

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